Below is a list of the kit that you must bring with you when you join us on one of our scooter adventures.

These items will not be provided for you.

Your scooter has an impressive storage area underneath your seat so luggage for your daily requirements will not be required.

However what you should bring is;

  • Crash helmet can be provided but much better to bring your own to ensure the best fit
  • Riding jacket and trousers/jeans/knee protectors
  • Motorcycle or sturdy boots
  • Motorcycle gloves (a must)
  • Waterproofs (just in case, as it may be Tenerife but in the mountains, it can rain)
  • Clothing for when you’re not riding
  • Toiletries and any personal medication
  • Don’t forget your passport !

If you’re bringing electronic devices, such as your phone and camera, please do remember to also bring their chargers/batteries/power banks (plus spare memory cards to make sure you capture everything).