Why Super Scooter Tours is a very good question

Firstly Super Scooter Adventures Tenerife is run by two experienced people;








Kevin J. Lear of MotorBike Adventures of Britain and MotorBike Adventures of India is one of the two people running this amazing adventure opportunity, Kevin has also produced many videos and ‘printed’ guidebooks you can find on his ‘Britain’ website. Kevin has been riding motorcycles since he was 16 on his first bike the iconic FS1E, ‘fizzy’. Kevin is absolutely passionate about helping you have the best Tenerife experience you can have.








Bill McLellan is also a passionate motorcycle rider having recently covered over 20,000 miles around Europe. Most importantly Bill has been living in Tenerife for 18 years and there is ‘nothing’ Bill doesn’t know about Tenerife. The discoveries he has made off the beaten track will take you to places others don’t even know exist and that is worth its weight in gold. Bill is also a professional photographer.